About Me

I live in Santa Rosa Beach Florida, graduated from Northwest Florida State in 2011 and the University of West Florida in 2014. I hold 2 degrees, an Associate degree in software engineering and a Bachelor's of science in information technology. My passion is technology yet I am surprisingly outgoing. I enjoy meeting new people and making connections that will last a lifetime. I have 7 years’ experience in retail, 3 years’ experience in web development, and am now working in the technology field.

I worked a part time retail job during my college life, while developing Web pages for small business in my free time. My experience includes WordPress, the whole Adobe suite, and even hard coding sites by hand. In addition, I also work with a verity of coding tools. I have made programs that automate tasks for both others and me in my free time. I have written console applications in Net Beans, full graphical user interface enabled programs in Visual Studio, and scripts using Note Pad. Commonly used programming languages I have worked with include Java, C++, C#, Perl, PHP, and Basic. Aside from my Web administration and software development life, I enjoy fishing, hunting, and that occasional break from the computer screen. As for my career life, I am currently employed by CDK, a company that provides integrated technology services and solutions to automotive dealerships world wide.

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Kyle Keck